Friday, August 30, 2013

Little Loves

Like many bloggers, I'm constantly collecting little internet treasures in my virtual back pocket. I don't think I'll be starting a "weekly roundup" or anything, but here's a few pretty things I've been hoarding from some of my favorite blog stops.

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(1.) What is it about coffee shop noise that makes people so productive? If I'm ever desperate to get things done, whether it's writing, reading, blogging, or sketching, coffee shops always provide the best atmosphere to do so. Coffitivity brings the background noise of your favorite coffee shop into your home. You can even listen to your own music with Coffitivity in the background. I'm not going to lie, I put this on for half an hour one day while I was trying to take some idea ever. (via e-tells-tales on twitter).

(2.) In college, I liked to tell people that my life's back-up plan was to relocate to the Arizona desert, where I would live in a tent, grow my hair long, and sell hand-painted rocks by the roadside. I would chat up passing motorcyclists and RVing families on their way to the Grand Canyon, and watch the cactus shadows stretch across the ground in every evening's golden sunset. Now that I've gone and bought a home in Western PA, it seems less likely that I'll need that plan B, but this student's bed-sized home in Arizona (via design ark) has me reliving the dream.

(3.) These animated gifs by Omal Lu have me swooning. They're so full of breath. I wish I could find a way to have them as little moving wallpapers on my phone and laptop--they would make me smile all day. The 24 Solar Terms (via the fox is black)

(4.) I really love paper. And I'm currently doing some wedding planning, with an intention to DIY as many things as possible. I've had these Audubon-lined envelopes pinned for a while now, and they're pretty every time I look at them. Not sure how smart it will be to line 150+ invitation envelopes this way, but...I've definitely taken on crazier crafting projects. (pinned from real weddings)


  1. Maybe it's not so much coffee shop noise as (1) designating a space where you get stuff done and (2) wanting people to look over your shoulder and be impressed? ahhahahahahahaha

    1. Hahaha you are so right. And I always sort of feel like I'm playing a character or something, like the coffee shop is my stage and its patrons my audience. The character I play always gets her shit done, and sometimes, so do proxy.